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Contubernio Club


This is the slogan of the Taberna der Guerrita tavern, but in reality, there are few fans of the Jerez wines that don’t know of its existence. In fact, it is a place of pilgrimage that flower and chalky earth worshipers must visit at least once in their life. However, what happens after their first trip is a permanent infatuation with this tavern where wine inspires and excites.

The “Contubernio” began in this meeting location a few months ago. The idea was to share news of the region with Sherry wine lovers from anywhere. This answered an obvious need: Jerez is the hub of new ideas, some are fresh out of the oven and others are recovered old recipes, but all are necessary for Sherry wine lovers alike.

2020 is the date on which Contubernio is publicly presented, offering himself through this page to be hunted by you. Have no doubts…

Want to visit Jerez? You have a Contubernio waiting for you. Do you want to know better the ins and outs of this Region? Let yourself go and put yourself in the hands of the most unique wine club in the country.

Wines are chosen by Er Guerrita from time to time. This is a slow process where creativity and investigation go hand in hand. Er Guerrita has been the epicenter of everything that has happened in Jerez for a few years now. Knowledge and contacts are utilized for this selection.

The box of six bottles include wines from the region or inspired by traditional aging from Jerez. Of course, you won’t know the content of the selection until you receive your box… That’s the idea.

Given the nature of our wines, the limited editions and even the bottles are not available on the market. Unfortunately, places are limited.

Origin: Taberna der Guerrita

You are invited to come by and learn more about us

Club Contubernio

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our club


The ``aging area `` is located on the triangle between Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Jerez de la Frontera and the Puerto de Santa Maria.


Under the climate change of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and with an average intense rainfall of 30 days a year, this liquid achieves special characteristics.


A distinctive feature of the chalky earth, typical of the vineyards of this area, gives the soil a particular unique connotation.

Type of grape

If there is a variety of grape that stands out in Jerez, it’s the Palomino.

The wines

The wines from Jerez have sensorial features and the variations and nuances are rarely found in other parts of the wine world.


Peculiar structure in the Manzanilla and Fino varieties. Oxidative system in the amontillado, fragrant and the Palo Cortado.

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