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The origin of the Taberna der Guerrita club

La Taberna der Guerrita, is a humble location with a simple motto that has been preserved for decades until today: “Here is where good wine is enjoyed”. Created in 1978 by Manuel Guerra and continued by his son Armando.

The Tavern

This hideout is located in an old corner next to the doors of Rubiños and San Salvador.

The location is called Barrio Bajo from Sanlúcar bringing visitors closer to the essence of Jerez, what is trendy and pure.

Those who visit the tavern find more than forty years of history portrayed on the walls of bullfighting posters and the scent of old wine.

The tasting room

As we walk to the back of the room, we find ourselves in a tasting room, shaped in a classroom ambiance for up to 17 attendees.

The tasting room is a pristine white. This could be a tasting room in Sanlúcar de Barrameda or any other city in the world.

There is no doubt that the objective and the respect focus on the wine and the service. The warmth comes from friends who occupy the chairs, no matter if they are educators, novices or inquisitive visitors. You add the human touch.

Friends from all over the world drop by at the tasting room from time to time. Sometimes the winetasting is performed in the back room, other times the session is presented as notorious to the public and displayed on the wine tasting posters each summer.

Jugamos con la ventaja de estar en Sanlúcar, una esquina del Marco, a donde todo el mundo con buen gusto quiere venir. We take advantage of being in Sanlúcar, on the corner of Marco, where everyone with good taste wants to visit. We are fortunate enough to have you as our visitor, eager to discover new experiences focused on wine.


The Contubernio Club is a private club where non-conformists gather round who are passionate about all the senses of wine. Our reference is the Framework of Jerez without turning our back on the vast diversity of wines available in the rest of the region.

We place special emphasis on searching for updates offered to us by the area. Friends such as Ramiro Ibáñez, Willy Pérez, Forlong, La Callejuela…represent new ways of working and offer an even better way of working the Framework of Jerez.

Equally important are our partnerships with Barbadillo, Delgado Zuleta or Piñero wineries as we take advantage, in our own way, of their great potential, with their permission and support in search of a common goal: excellence.

Given the nature and exclusivity of our wines we are sorry to say that membership to our club is limited.

We invite you to join our private club where you will receive a guided selection of 6 exclusive bottles of the Framework of Jerez, 3 times a year. Each bottle offers you a tasting note from Armando.

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