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Get an introduction to the Marco de Jerez!


The Marco de Jerez is a unique area where very special traditional wines are produced.


The Marco de Jerez is a dynamic area with a multitude of new projects.


The Marco de Jerez is unique and diverse, so much so that a club like this one will help you understand it better…while you enjoy yourself.


All Contubernio Ø wines can be purchased separately.

What can you expect?

What can you expect?

6 wines from the Marco de Jerez

The box of six bottles include wines from the region or inspired by traditional aging from Jerez. Some of them will be wines that are not available on the market or very limited editions impossible to get.

Welcome Letter

Our humble welcome to this club of good taste.

Tasting game

Tasting set consisting of two 10 cl. bottles each.

Tasting notes

A booklet summarizing tasting notes from past editions.

Video training

All editions have a detailed video explanation.


Folded poster “El Marco de Jerez in four words”.

These are the wines of the last edition of Contubernio Ø

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These are some of the general categories of wines that you can find in any of the editions of Contubernio Ø.



Dry white wine, with its own denomination of origin. Made from Palomino grapes and aged under a layer of yeast called velo de flor.



Dry white wine made from Palomino grapes, aged under a layer of yeasts called velo de flor. Aging in American oak barrels.



From Palomino grapes, combined with aging under velo de flor, with a subsequent period in which the velo de flor disappears and the wine is exposed to oxidation.

Palo Cortado

Palo Cortado

A wine of great complexity that combines the aromatic delicacy of amontillado and the full-bodied palate of oloroso.



It is a wine made from Palomino grapes. The special structure that some wines show from the beginning, tell the wineries to use it for oxidative aging.

Sweet wines


From very ripe or sunny grapes, generally of the Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel varieties.

Discover the wines of the Jerez region with Contubernio Ø

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